Christmas 2013 fund for Textpattern developers

With Christmas just around the corner, it is the time to say thanks to our Textpattern developer friends for their efforts and dedication to the Textpattern project.

This is the 4th annual Christmas Fund – in 2010 we raised €930, in 2011 US$1600 was donated by Textpattern community members, and in 2012 a record amount of US$1735 was raised.

Please consider donating whatever you can.

How to donate

  1. To donate, please visit TXP Tips and donate using the PayPal button
  2. Note that donations will go to my personal PayPal account
  3. We collect donations until December 31st
  4. I’ll update this post every few days regarding how much we have collected and the donors’ names (unless he/she wishes to remain anonymous)
  5. On January 1st the total amount collected will be split and sent directly to each Developer’s PayPal account
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