Christmas 2014 fund raiser for Textpattern developers

Note – the PayPal donate button has not been added yet, PayPal is offline for me currently. Hope to have it up later today.

Welcome to the annual Christmas fund raiser for the Textpattern developers. This is our 5th annual fund raiser:

  1. 2010: €930
  2. 2011: US$1600
  3. 2012: US$1735
  4. 2013: US$1750

It would be nice to raise a little more this year than last year, so please consider donating whatever you can.

How to donate:

  1. Please donate using the PayPal button below
  2. Note that donations will go to my personal PayPal account
  3. We collect donations until December 31st
  4. I’ll update this post every few days regarding how much we have collected and the donors’ names (unless he/she wishes to remain anonymous)
  5. On January 1st the total amount collected will be split and sent directly to each Developer’s PayPal account

Thanks everyone!


Thank you to everyone who donated this year – we managed to raise a record amount of US$1,800 for the Textpattern developers.

After deducting the PayPal fees and rounding out the total, each of the 4 developers – Stef Dawson, Jukka Svahn, Phil Wareham and Robert Wetzlmayr – received US$427.50 each. Thank you Textpattern community and have a great New Year!

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