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TXP Tips relaunched

As you may have noticed, TXP Tips has been relaunched with an updated, fresher look, and some changes under the hood.

This version (v4) features some changes as follows:

  • Responsive design using the Zurb Foundation framework for faster development
  • Cleaner look and feel, wider for desktop
  • Use of fresh colours – especially classic Textpattern #fc3 as a nod to Textpattern’s roots
  • Greater readability
  • Category groups used to make it easier to find content
  • Author selection implemented using the new txp:authors tag from Textpattern 4.6.0dev
  • Author biographies implemented with auto generation of gravatars
  • Author data moved from custom fields into Textpattern user tables – which gives us a better framework for updates and to retrieve content, and of course making it easier for authors to add/edit their content
  • Comments system migrated to Disqus from the internal Textpattern commenting system

Note: As of writing we are still waiting for Disqus to complete the import of all the old comments. Once this has been completed then the new system will be activated.

There are still a few revisions and fixes to be made, but its up and running. Your feedback is welcome – either here below once Disqus is activated or over on the forum thread.

Finally, please keep your TXP Tip submissions coming!