Collect contact name and email before file download

In some instances, you may want to collect your contact’s name and email address before allowing a file download. Here is one method I use, which requires the zem_contact_reborn plugin.

  1. Download the zem_contact_reborn plugin
  2. Install and activate

In an article (write tab), enter the following:

<txp:zem_contact mailto="" thanksform="file_download">
<txp:zem_contact_text label="Name"  />
<txp:zem_contact_text label="Organisation" /> 
<txp:zem_contact_email />
<txp:zem_contact_submit label="Get File />

Place the above code in your article and save. Change the email address to your own.

Create the file_download form

You may download your file  by clicking <a href="" title="some title">HERE</a>.

Create the form as type misc and save. Edit according to your requirements, and be sure to change the file id number.

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