Increase the textarea sizes in your Admin

Love editing code in textpattern? Wish you had more room to write your code?

If so, use the code below to increase the size of your textareas by editing your default texpattern 4.2.0 CSS file located in: /textpattern/theme/classic/textpattern.css

Copy the CSS below and paste it at the end of the textpattern.css and hit save.

#page-page tr td.column:nth-of-type(2), #page-form #edit tr td:nth-of-type(2), #page-css #edit tr td:nth-of-type(2) {
	width: 80%;
textarea#html.code, textarea#form.code, textarea#css.code {
	width: 100%;

If you have another TXP admin theme enabled it may not work. Please also note that if you upgrade your Textpattern install your code will be overwritten.

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