Recent comments output

I use the recent_comments tag to output the 5 most recent comments on TXP Tips.

The tag works very nicely, especially since the release of Textpattern 4.07 which added container tag functionality.

Single tag usage

<txp:recent_comments break="li" limit="5" wraptag="ul" class="category_list" />

This is what I have been using until today on TXP Tips. Works fine, but outputs the comments like so:

User's Name (Article Name) 

If you wish to change this format, you will need to use the tag as a container, then add your own formatting, like so:

<txp:recent_comments limit="5" break="" wraptag="ul" class="category_list">
<li><txp:comment_name link="0" />: <txp:comment_permlink><txp:title /></txp:comment_permlink></li>

This is what TXP Tips has now on the sidebar. Note the break="" which is necessary otherwise Textpattern adds a <br /> tag, and the link="0" in the comment_name tag which removes the link.

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