Theming the Admin interface

True theming does not as yet exist in Textpattern, at least in the sense of “skins” that other CMS use. The main reason for this is that the core code would require a lot of changes to the markup and CSS – basically, its a big project and backwards compatibility would be necessary.

However, thanks to a couple of recent plugins, help is at hand if you want to change how your Admin looks, especially if you are branding a site for a client.

Introducing dds_admin_style

David DeSandro is a very talented designer who has developed some designs for the Textpattern Admin (also for the Textpattern forum). To make it easier to switch between the designs from the Admin, users can install his plugin – dds_admin_style.

  1. Install the dds_admin_style plugin
  2. Activate the plugin

Choose your style

Visit David’s Admin Themes demo page and try the various styles, then download one of them. Once downloaded, create a new style under the Style tab and name it something like admin_simplexmild. Replace simplexmild with the name of the style sheet you downloaded.

Then, visit your Extensions > Admin Themes, choose your preferred Admin style and save.

Note that you will have to create your own favicon.ico file and upload it to the /textpattern folder.

Further information may be found on David’s Textpattern Admin Themes page.

Another Admin plugin – aro_myadmin

The aro_myadmin plugin (forum thread) offers users a modified Admin interface which is worth a good look, but note the plugin is not being currently developed.

Take it further

Until Textpattern offers true theme support, dds_admin_style is the next best thing. With this plugin, its also possible to make your own Admin styles.

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