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Link to a File in Textpattern

Video: Link to a File in Textpattern
Link to a File in Textpattern
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Apart from the merits of this tip, the video highlights one of the setbacks of TXP: 1) the file upload tab is separated from the actual zone you are working (the Write tab), so you need to zip back and forth to have the correct file names/links, etc.; 2) there is no way you can insert your file links into the editor – imagine when you have more than, say, five uploaded items: it can be quite a nuissance to keep in mind everything… At least, that’s my problem, sorry.

@Zoltan – Nora describes here the in-built methods very well and of course it there are limits.

If you need to attach a file from the Write tab, why not look at the other methods for attaching a file to an article using a plugin like upm_file and upm_file_popper?

Hi Zoltan – I agree this is a usability limitation of Textpattern in general. The interface hasn’t been “AJAXified” as to allow you to upload images or files while in the midst of writing an article, or to easily grab the file or image you want to include in an article. While there are plugins to accomplish this, I think Textpattern’s core will have to move in this direction if it is to keep up with competitors.

@Jonathan – Yes, I am aware of these possibilities, but I agree with Nora: it should be a core function. All serious CMSs have been moving towards simplifying content management – all kinds and types of contents involved. I love TXP for its simplicity and for the room it gives a developer for tweaking – but users hate tweaking, let’s face it. Number one response: if you need tweaks to achieve something, why not choose something else that does it out of the box? I am not complaining here, mind you, just trying to push towards an even better and more usable TXP ;) I think a bit of AJAXifying would solve tons of usabilty problems on the admin interface – and I’m saying usabilty and NOT trendiness – I don’t really care how it looks like, I just want it to do the job without interfering with my writing process.

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